3D Compactor

Trimble CCS900 Compaction Control System provides compaction control and documentation capabilities, including:

  • Measurement of material compaction as an indication of material stiffness or density
  • Real-time display of compaction measurements, pass counts, and guidance to the operator
  • Mapping and recording of compaction and as-built material surface data
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Compaction control systems have been prevalent in Europe for many years. The technology is gaining momentum in North America and Asia-Pacific regions due to contactor requirements for better in-field validation of compaction results, improvements in GPS-based machine control technology, and increased documentation requirements for government projects and warranty work.

  • Fully portable, rugged on-machine components, interoperable between other Trimble compaction or grade control systems
  • Records and displays color coded number of passes
  • Compaction to operator defined layered lifts
  • Cut/Fill mapping and thickness monitoring for real-time QA/QC capabilities in the cab of the machine
  • As-built mapping and recording of final compacted surface for analysis of compaction progress and volume calculations in the office
  • Configurable GPS modes depending upon application and available jobsite site infrastructure:
    • RTK – centimeter-level positioning
    • SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS) – sub-meter level positioning
  • Records and displays compaction meter values (CMV)
  • Records and displays resonance meter value (RMV) or drum decoupling or double jump
  • Display of vibratory frequency, amplitude, and compactor speed
  • Proofing mode for final compaction runs and compaction statistical reports listed level of design compaction over or under-achieved and target met
  • On-board recording of compaction data for analysis and archival back in the office.
  • Two-way wireless data transfer of compaction and machine productivity data to and from the office to machine
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