<br/ >Please visit your local SITECH dealer to find FAQs in your own language, or click on one of the products below. <br/ >ACE I & II GPS™ (replaced by ACE III GPS™) <br/ >ACE III GPS™ <br/ >Active Navigation <br/ >Acutime™ Gold GPS smart antenna <br/ >AG-372 GNSS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 21/23 Parallel Swathing Option <br/ >AgGPS® 70 Remote Display & Logger <br/ >AgGPS® 106 Smart Antenna <br/ >AgGPS® 114 DGPS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 120 DGPS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 122 DGPS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 124 DGPS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 132 DGPS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 132 FlightBar™ System <br/ >AgGPS® 160 Portable Field Computer <br/ >AgGPS® 162 Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 170 Field Computer <br/ >AgGPS® 214 High Accuracy Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 252 Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 262 Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 332 Ultimate Choice receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 432/442 Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 442 GNSS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 542 GNSS Receiver <br/ >AgGPS® 542 RTK Base <br/ >AgGPS® 900/450 Radio <br/ >AgGPS® 900/450 RTK Base <br/ >AgGPS® EZ-Boom® System <br/ >AgGPS® EZ-Guide® 252 System <br/ >AgGPS® EZ-Guide® 500 System <br/ >AgGPS® EZ-Guide® Plus Lightbar Guidance System <br/ >AgGPS® EZ-Guide® SL Lightbar <br/ >AgGPS® EZ-Map Software <br/ >AgGPS® FieldManager™ Display <br/ >AgGPS® FlightBar™ System <br/ >AgGPS® Parallel Swathing Option <br/ >AgGPS® TrimFlight™ I / II <br/ >AgGPS® TrimFlight™ 3 System <br/ >AgRemote <br/ >AgGPS RTK Base 900/450 Receiver <br/ >Antenna Companion Modules <br/ >Application Program Interface (API) <br/ >Aquila DM (see Aquila Mining Systems website) <br/ >AL220 & AL224 <br/ >AS21 Pitch Sensor <br/ >AS300 Angle Sensor <br/ >AS310 Angle Sensor <br/ >AS400 Angle Sensor <br/ >AS450 Angle Sensor <br/ >AS460 Dual Axis Tilt Sensor <br/ >ASC (Advanced Skew Controller) <br/ >ASPEN® <br/ >Asset Surveyor® <br/ >Autopilot® Automated Steering System <br/ >Avionics Products <br/ >AVL Subsystem <br/ >Beacon-on-a-Belt <br/ >BD132™ <br/ >BD750™ <br/ >BD910™ <br/ >BD920™ <br/ >BD930™ <br/ >BD950™ (Replaced with BD910BD920BD970) <br/ >BD960™ (Replaced with BD910BD920BD970BD982) <br/ >BD970™ <br/ >BD982™ <br/ >BX960™ (Replaced with BX982) <br/ >BX982™ <br/ >BX982™ for Marine Construction <br/ >BX982 GNSS rugged receiver enclosure <br/ >BucketPro® <br/ >Bullet™ GPS Antenna <br/ >Business Center - HCE <br/ >CAES (see Caterpillar website) <br/ >CB450 Control Box <br/ >CB460 Control Box <br/ >Cellular Messenger (replaced with CrossCheck® AMPS ) <br/ >CenterPoint™ RTK correction services <br/ >CenterPoint™ RTX™ correction services for Agriculture <br/ >CenterPoint™ VRS™ correction services  <br/ >Centurion™ <br/ >CFX-750™ display <br/ >Charisma Software <br/ >Choke Ring Antenna <br/ >CM310 Compaction Sensor <br/ >Condor Family of GPS Modules <br/ >Configuration Toolbox <br/ >Connected Farm™ <br/ >Copernicus <br/ >Copernicus® II <br/ >CORS 4700 <br/ >CORS 5700 <br/ >CR600 <br/ >CrossCheck 1900 <br/ >CrossCheck® AMPS <br/ >CrossCheck® CDPD <br/ >CrossCheck® GPRS <br/ >CrossCheck® GSM <br/ >CrossCheck® XR <br/ >Data Transfer Utility <br/ >DCM-300 modem <br/ >DFHBF Support (German height models) <br/ >DG711 <br/ >DiNi Level <br/ >DirectData <br/ >Dredge Head Depth Sensor <br/ >DriverID - Construction Logistics <br/ >DriveSafe - Construction Logistics <br/ >Drum Rotation Sensor <br/ >DSM™ 12/212 <br/ >DSM™ 132 <br/ >DSM™ 232 <br/ >EchoLDX <br/ >EchoLDX Message Data Terminal (MDT) <br/ >EchoRTX™ <br/ >Elta® C <br/ >Elta® Control Unit <br/ >Elta® R <br/ >Elta® S <br/ >EM21 Electrical Mast <br/ >EM400 Electric Mast <br/ >Embedded 3.3v GPS Antenna <br/ >Eth50 <br/ >EZ-Guide 250 System <br/ >EZ-Pilot™ assisted steering system <br/ >EZ-Steer™ assisted steering system <br/ >Farm Works Accounting <br/ >Farm Works Mapping <br/ >Farm Works Mobile <br/ >Farm Works Stock <br/ >Farm Works Stock Mobile <br/ >Farm Works Surface <br/ >Farm Works View <br/ >Field-IQ™ crop input control system <br/ >FieldLevel™ II system <br/ >FirstGPS™ Architecture <br/ >Force™ 2 <br/ >Force™ 4 <br/ >Force™ 5 (GRAM-S) <br/ >Force™ 9 <br/ >Force™ 11 (GVRC) <br/ >Force™ 20 <br/ >Force™ 22 <br/ >Force™ 524D <br/ >FmX® Integrated Display <br/ >Galaxy Inmarsat-C/GPS™ Land Mobile <br/ >Galaxy Inmarsat-C/GPS™ Marine <br/ >Galaxy Sentinel™ GMDSS <br/ >GCR <br/ >Geo 5T <br/ >GeoBeacon Receiver <br/ >GeodatWin Control Unit <br/ >Geodimeter® Control Unit <br/ >GeoExplorer® (Legacy Versions) <br/ >GeoExplorer® (I) <br/ >GeoExplorer® II <br/ >GeoExplorer® 3 <br/ >GeoExplorer® 5 <br/ >GeoManagerSM <br/ >GeoManager PE <br/ >GeoManager SMB <br/ >Geomatics Office <br/ >Geo 7 Series <br/ >GeoExplorer 6000 Series GeoXH™ Handheld <br/ >GeoExplorer 6000 Series GeoXT™ Handheld <br/ >GeoExplorer 3000 Series GeoXH™ Handheld <br/ >GeoExplorer 3000 Series GeoXM™ Handheld <br/ >GeoExplorer 3000 Series GeoXT™ Handheld <br/ >GIS TSCe™ field device <br/ >GL412 Grade Laser <br/ >GL422 Grade Laser <br/ >GL700 <br/ >GPLoad <br/ >Gplus <br/ >GPS Analyst™ extension for ESRI ArcGIS Desktop software <br/ >GPS Configurator <br/ >GPS Controller <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Community Base Station <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Controller <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Express <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Office <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Pocket <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Power <br/ >GPS Pathfinder ProXH Receiver <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Pro XL <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Pro XR <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Pro XRS <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® ProXRT Receiver <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® ProXT Receiver <br/ >GPS Pathfinder® Tools SDK <br/ >GPS Pathfinder XB Receiver <br/ >GPS Pathfinder XC Receiver <br/ >GPS Total Station® 4700 <br/ >GPS Total Station® 4800 <br/ >GPS/AVL Subsystem <br/ >GPS/Cellular Messenger <br/ >GPScorrect™ extension for ESRI ArcPad software <br/ >GPSurvey™ <br/ >GradePro® <br/ >Gradio® <br/ >GreenSeeker® crop sensing system <br/ >GreenSeeker® handheld crop sensor <br/ >Hardmount 5V GPS Antenna <br/ >Hi-Speed L1/L2 Antenna (Defense) <br/ >HL450 <br/ >HPB450 <br/ >HR150 <br/ >HR500 <br/ >HS410 Heading Sensor <br/ >Hydraulic Pressure Sensor <br/ >HYDROpro™ Construction <br/ >HYDROpro™ Navigation <br/ >HYDROpro™ Remote <br/ >HYDROpro™ Terramodel <br/ >HV101 Laser <br/ >HV201 Horizontal Vertical Laser <br/ >HV301 Horizontal Vertical Laser <br/ >HV401 Horizontal Vertical Laser for general construction <br/ >HV401 Horizontal Vertical Laser for interior construction <br/ >HV601/602 General Construction <br/ >HV 601/602 Interior <br/ >iDT 3000 <br/ >iDT Barcode Wand <br/ >iDT Keyboard <br/ >iLM 2700 Series <br/ >iLM 3100-W Series <br/ >Juno® 3B handheld <br/ >Juno® 3D Handheld <br/ >Juno® 5 Handheld <br/ >Juno™ SA Handheld <br/ >Juno™ SB Handheld <br/ >Juno™ SC Handheld <br/ >Juno™ SD Handheld <br/ >Juno™ ST Handheld <br/ >Juno® T41 Rugged Handheld Computer <br/ >Kenwood KMC-27B Microphone <br/ >L1/L2 Antenna, Ruggedized (Defense) <br/ >L1/L2 Antenna, Hi-Speed (Defense) <br/ >L1/L2 Antenna, Miniature (Military) <br/ >L1/L2 Choke Ring Antenna <br/ >LaserAce 1000 Rangefinder <br/ >Lassen® DR+GPS <br/ >Lassen® IQ <br/ >Lassen® LP GPS <br/ >Lassen® SK II <br/ >Lassen® SK8 (replaced by Lassen® SK II ) <br/ >Lassen® SQ GPS <br/ >LC300 Laser Catcher <br/ >LC410 Laser Receiver <br/ >LC450 Laser Catcher <br/ >LG2 <br/ >LG20 <br/ >LL100 <br/ >LL200 <br/ >LL300 <br/ >LL400 <br/ >LL500 <br/ >LL600 <br/ >LM80 <br/ >LM80 Desktop <br/ >LR21 <br/ >LT20 Crossline Laser Tool <br/ >LT56 Universal Laser Layout Tool <br/ >Map 500 <br/ >Mapping & GIS support options <br/ >MediaMapper <br/ >Messenger (replaced with CrossCheck AMPS ) <br/ >Micro-Centered™ GPS Antenna <br/ >Mini-T™ GPS Disciplined Clock Board <br/ >Miniature 3V GPS Antenna <br/ >Miniature 5V GPS Antenna <br/ >MineStar (see Caterpillar website) <br/ >MineStar FleetCommander (see Caterpillar website) <br/ >MS750™ <br/ >MS860™ <br/ >MS972 GNSS Smart Antenna <br/ >MS990 Smart GPS+GLONASS Antenna <br/ >MS992 GNSS Smart Antenna <br/ >MT900 Machine Target <br/ >MUGR (Miniature Underwater GPS Receiver) <br/ >Municipal Reporter <br/ >NavPlan <br/ >NetM3 MSK Modulator <br/ >NetR3™ Reference Sensor <br/ >NetR5™ Reference Station <br/ >NetR8™ GNSS Reference Receiver <br/ >NetR9 GNSS Reference Receiver <br/ >NetRS <br/ >Nomad® G Series for Mapping & GIS Applications <br/ >Nomad® Rugged Handheld Computer <br/ >NT300D™ <br/ >P.A. Laser Grade Control System (Prinz Albert) <br/ >Pathway iLM <br/ >Pathway PE <br/ >Palisade™ NTP Synchronization Kit (replaced with Acutime 2000 Synchronization Kit ) <br/ >Pathfinder Community Base Station <br/ >Pathfinder Controller <br/ >Pathfinder Office <br/ >Pathfinder Pocket <br/ >Pathfinder Power <br/ >Pathfinder Pro XL <br/ >Pathfinder Pro XR <br/ >Pathfinder Pro XRS <br/ >Pathfinder® ProXRT Receiver <br/ >Pathfinder Tools SDK <br/ >Pathfinder XB <br/ >Pathfinder XC <br/ >Paydirt® <br/ >PDL450 <br/ >PDT250 <br/ >Placer Gold Series <br/ >Placer GPS 450 Series <br/ >Planning Software <br/ >PlumbPointer® 3B <br/ >PM400 Power Module <br/ >Positions Software Suite <br/ >Priority Support, Mapping & GIS <br/ >Pro 6 <br/ >Pro Series Receivers <br/ >Pro XH <br/ >Pro XT <br/ >Pro XR <br/ >Pro XRS <br/ >Pro XRT <br/ >Professional Services <br/ >QM 55 Quick Measure <br/ >QM 75 Quick Measure <br/ >QM 95 Quick Measure <br/ >QuickPlan™ <br/ >Ranger™ Rugged Handheld Computer <br/ >Rawson Drive <br/ >RD20 Wireless Remote Display <br/ >RD21 <br/ >RealWorks Software Suite <br/ >Recon® GPS XB Edition <br/ >Recon® GPS XC Edition  <br/ >Recon® Rugged Handheld Computer <br/ >Remote Controller <br/ >Resolution® SMT™ <br/ >Resolution® T <br/ >RG-100 row guidance <br/ >RINEX <br/ >RoutePower <br/ >RS400 Rotation Sensor <br/ >RTK Rover 5800 <br/ >RTS Series Robotic Total Stations <br/ >Ruggedized L1/L2 Antenna (Defense) <br/ >SCB21 <br/ >Scout M/M+ <br/ >ScreedPro <br/ >SCS900 Site Controller Software <br/ >Sentinel GMDSS <br/ >Sensor Services <br/ >Sierra™ GPS Chipset (see <br/ >FirstGPS™ Architecture ) <br/ >SiteFID™ Portable Gas Monitor <br/ >SiteNet™ 450 <br/ >SiteNet™ 900 <br/ >SiteVision™ Office <br/ >Sitework, Paydirt® <br/ >SNR On-Machine Radios <br/ >SNB900 <br/ >SNB 900 radio for Agriculture <br/ >SNB 900R radio for Agriculture <br/ >SNM920 <br/ >SNM940 Connected Site Gateway <br/ >SNR900 <br/ >SNR2400 On-Machine Radio <br/ >SPS461 GPS Heading Receiver <br/ >SPS550 and SPS550H GPS Receiver <br/ >SPS351 DGPS/Beacon Receiver <br/ >SPS551H Modular Add-on GPS Receiver <br/ >SPS552H Modular Add-on GPS Receiver <br/ >SPS361 GPS Heading Receiver <br/ >SPS610 Robotic Total Station <br/ >SPS620 Total Station <br/ >SPS651 Modular GPS Receiver <br/ >SPS700 Construction Total Station <br/ >SPS710 Robotic Total Station <br/ >SPS720 Total Station <br/ >SPS630, SPS730 and SPS930 Universal Total Stations <br/ >SPS750 and SPS850 Modular GPS Receivers <br/ >SPS751 Modular GPS Receiver <br/ >SPS770 <br/ >SPS780 and SPS880 Smart GPS Antenna <br/ >SPS781 Smart GPS Antenna <br/ >SPS851 Modular GPS Receiver <br/ >SPS852 GNSS Modular Receiver <br/ >SPS855 GNSS Modular Receiver <br/ >SPS881 Smart GPS Antenna <br/ >SPS882 Smart GPS Antenna <br/ >SPS985 GNSS Smart Antenna <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser 500/500C <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser 1000 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser 1242 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser 1422 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser CR600 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser HL450 Laserometer <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser HV101 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser HV201 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Laser LP20 and LP40 <br/ >Spectra Precision® Optical TS415 <br/ >SR300 Laser Receiver Mast <br/ >ST400 Sonic Tracer <br/ >Surface <br/ >Survey Controller <br/ >Survey Pro (former TDS Survey Pro with TSX) <br/ >Survey Software and Firmware: Latest Versions <br/ >SveeEight Plus GPS™(discontinued) <br/ >TA-6 (TASMAN™ ARINC 6) <br/ >TA-12 (TASMAN™ ARINC 12) <br/ >TA-12S <br/ >TA-24 <br/ >TANS II <br/ >TANS III™ <br/ >TANS Vector™ <br/ >Target <br/ >TASMAN™ <br/ >TC900B <br/ >TCA1 Controller <br/ >TSC3 Controller for Construction <br/ >TDL 3G Cellular Modem Accessory <br/ >TDL 450 Series Radios <br/ >TDL 450L Radio for Agriculture <br/ >TDS Survey Pro with TSX (now Survey Pro) <br/ >TerraFlex™ software <br/ >TerraSync  <br/ >Terramodel® <br/ >Thunderbolt® E GPS Disciplined Clock <br/ >Tilt Sensor (Marine) <br/ >TMX-2050™ display <br/ >Total Control Software <br/ >Total Station 3300 Series <br/ >Total Station 3600 Series <br/ >Total Station 5600 Series <br/ >TrimbleFS <br/ >Trimble 3300 Series <br/ >Trimble 3600-series <br/ >Trimble 5600-series <br/ >Trimble Access <br/ >Trimble Access 3rd Party Applications <br/ >Trimble Business Center <br/ >Trimble Configuration Utility <br/ >Trimble Coastal Center <br/ >Trimble CX 3D Scanner <br/ >Trimble Digital Fieldbook <br/ >Trimble FX 3D Scanner <br/ >Trimble Gatewing X100 <br/ >Trimble GeoExplorer <br/ >Trimble Geomatics Office™ <br/ >Trimble GPS/AVL Subsystem <br/ >Trimble GPScorrect Extension for Esri ArcPad Software <br/ >Trimble GX 3D scanners <br/ >Trimble Integrity Manager <br/ >Trimble Link <br/ >Trimble LM80 <br/ >Trimble M3 Mechanical Total Station <br/ >Trimble MEP <br/ >Trimble Network Router <br/ >Trimble Nomad® for Mapping & GIS applications <br/ >Trimble Nomad G Series <br/ >Trimble Office Synchronizer <br/ >Trimble PDL 450 Series <br/ >Trimble Planning Software <br/ >Trimble Positions Software Suite <br/ >Trimble R3 GPS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R4 GPS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R5 GPS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R6 GPS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R7 GPS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R8 GPS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R7 GNSS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R8 GNSS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R10 GNSS Receiver <br/ >Trimble R8 VRS Rover <br/ >Trimble S3 Total Station <br/ >Trimble S6 Total Station <br/ >Trimble S8 Total Station <br/ >Trimble Ranger™ for Mapping & GIS Applications <br/ >Trimble Recon GPS Card Edition <br/ >Trimble Recon® GPS XB Edition <br/ >Trimble Recon® GPS XC Edition  <br/ >Trimble Recon GPS Pocket Edition <br/ >Trimble Recon Handheld (Mapping & GIS applications) <br/ >Trimble SCS900 Site Controller for the ACU <br/ >Trimble SCS900 Site Controller for the TSCe <br/ >Trimble Slate Controller <br/ >Trimble® SPS361/SPS461 GPS Heading Receiver <br/ >Trimble® SPS700 Construction Total Station <br/ >Trimble SPS780 and SPS880 Smart GPS Antennas <br/ >Trimble Survey Controller <br/ >Trimble Survey Extension for ESRI's Survey Analyst <br/ >Trimble Survey Manager <br/ >Trimble Survey Office <br/ >Trimble Survey Pro™ <br/ >Trimble SSF and DDF data format extensions for FME <br/ >Trimble Tablet for Survey <br/ >Trimble Tablet for Construction <br/ >Trimble Tablet Rugged PC <br/ >Trimble TDL 450L Radio <br/ >Trimble TDL 450 Series <br/ >Trimble TerraFlex™ software <br/ >Trimble Total Control™ <br/ >Trimble TSC3 Controller <br/ >Trimble® TX5 <br/ >Trimble® UX5 Aerial Imaging Rover <br/ >Trimble VX <br/ >Trimble® Yuma® Rugged Tablet Computer For Mapping & GIS Applications <br/ >Trimble Yuma® 2 Rugged Tablet Computer for Mapping & GIS Applications <br/ >TRIMCOMM™ 900 <br/ >TrimFleet Analytics <br/ >TrimFleet Communicator <br/ >TrimFleet Mobile <br/ >TrimFleet TrimView <br/ >TrimFlight™ 3 <br/ >TrimFuel <br/ >TRIMMAP™ <br/ >TRIMMARK™ II <br/ >TRIMMARK™ 3 <br/ >Trimpack™ II (AN/PSN-10) <br/ >Trimpack™ III <br/ >TrimPix™ Technology (discontinued) <br/ >TrimPix Pro System <br/ >TRIMTALK™ 450S <br/ >TrimTrac <br/ >TrimView <br/ >TrimView AGG <br/ >TrimView RM <br/ >TrimWeb <br/ >TRS™ (Trimble Reference Station) <br/ >Tru Count Clutches <br/ >TrueGuide™ implement guidance system <br/ >TrueTracker™ implement steering system <br/ >TS415 <br/ >TS515 <br/ >TS525 <br/ >TSCe™ <br/ >TTS™ Optical Survey <br/ >TVG850 <br/ >TVG850 Antenna <br/ >URS™ (Universal Reference Station) <br/ >Utilities Field Solutions <br/ >Vehicle Diagnostics <br/ >Vehicle Maintenance <br/ >VM-1 Speaker <br/ >VM-4 Speaker/Microphone <br/ >VM410 Valve Module <br/ >VM420 Valve Module <br/ >V-Sight <br/ >Washout Sensor <br/ >Water-Add Meter <br/ >WeedSeeker® automatic spot spray system <br/ >WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution <br/ >WM-Topo™ survey system <br/ >XB, Pathfinder <br/ >XC, Pathfinder <br/ >Yield Monitoring <br/ >Yuma® Rugged Tablet Computer <br/ >Yuma® Rugged Tablet Computer For Mapping & GIS Applications <br/ >Yuma2® Rugged Tablet Computer <br/ >Yuma® 2 Rugged Tablet Computer for Mapping & GIS Applications <br/ >Zelia ACM <br/ >Zephyr™ Geodetic Antennas <br/ >5.2XL Point and CrossLine Laser <br/ >500/500C Spectra Precision™ Laser <br/ >1000 Spectra Precision™ Laser <br/ >1242 Spectra Precision™ Laser <br/ >1422 Spectra Precision™ Laser <br/ >3300 Total Station Series <br/ >3600 Total Station Series <br/ >4000 series <br/ >4400 <br/ >4600 <br/ >4600 LS™ GPS System <br/ >4700 <br/ >4800 <br/ >5600 Total Station Series <br/ >5700 L1 GPS System <br/ >5800 GPS System <br/ >5800 Limited GPS System