About Us

SITECH: Your construction technology provider

SITECH is the leader in providing easy-to-use, comprehensive Trimble construction technology solutions for contractors of all sizes. From Trimble machine control systems, to site positioning and software, SITECH provides the support, expertise, and experience to increase your productivity and maximize your return on investment through advanced worksite solutions.

To be competitive today you need both high productivity and a high return on investment. SITECH is the leading distribution network for the most reliable, rugged and complete portfolio of construction technology systems available to the heavy civil construction contractor. The experienced construction professionals at your SITECH dealership will advise you on the right technology for your job and provide you with local customer service, personalized training and technical support.

The team at your SITECH dealership knows how to apply innovative construction technology to effectively solve your biggest construction challenges. They will guide you in leveraging Trimble machine control systems for your entire fleet of heavy equipment, along with Trimble’s complete portfolio of Connected Site solutions—Site Positioning Systems, data prep and management software, fleet and asset management solutions and collaboration tools along with powerful wireless and internet-based infrastructure.

These solutions improve productivity by allowing seamless information flow between the office and jobsite. Design updates and progress reports can be sent back and forth through wireless data transfer in real time—eliminating delays and rework associated with using outdated information.

Construction surveyors and machine operators can be supported and trained without ever leaving the office, saving time and money.

With the addition of Trimble’s site-wide solutions to your heavy civil construction projects, you’re in a stronger, more competitive position. You’ll experience new levels of productivity that will enable you to earn the bid and be profitable, project after project.