A world first; accurate weights without delays. The X2350 brings you new excavator load measuring techniques that are second to none.

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The X2350 improves your excavator’s productivity by quickly, easily and accurately weighing the material in the bucket, and displaying the payload information on an easy-to-read monitor in your excavator’s cab.

It can deliver real financial benefits for any excavator loading application. The flexible feature set means it is suitable for common bucket excavator applications. Typical examples are pit-loading, construction, truck load out, crusher feeding, landscaping and material handling.

  • Increased accuracy and productivity
  • No need to stop the machine to weigh
  • Scrolling keys allow quick and easy selection of a product
  • Intuitive graphic display shows all the information you need without any key presses
  • Unique split function key gives operators the power to accurately load truck and trailers


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