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Weighing system for Conveyor Belts

The Loadrite C-Series product range is designed for rugged industries such as aggregates, bulk handling and mining. Our belt scales, data communications and reporting options give you the tools to monitor and improve your processes, increasing the profitability of your operations. Whether you need a mobile crusher with one single scale or you are looking for multinational enterprise reporting, Loadrite is a specialist in providing weighing solutions for the quarry, mining and recycling industries. Our adaptable solutions will help you to get the most out of your production.

The C-Series provides you with performance information that can help you optimise your equipment utilisation, resulting in more tonnes per hour, less energy consumption and extended performance of wear parts. Loadrite helps you to increase production while maintaining or even lowering your costs.

The C-Series gives plant operators and managers a range of powerful tools to measure the actual production from screens and crushers, track final product stockpiles, analyse plant and machine downtime, and monitor load out of trucks, port and rail.

C-Series weighing systems have been installed on all kinds of conveyors around the world, conveying between 50 tph and 5,000 tph. The low profile of the weighing modules also allow for installation not only on fixed conveyors but also on mobile machines like crushers, stackers or screens.

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