You can count on our system, we do!

Trimble and SITECH now offers 3 year warranty * on all machine control systems without increasing the price!
Trimble’s systems are built robust and rugged to withstand the environmental pressures of any construction sites. On this basis, we are now increasing the warranty period to apply for 3 years.

Tired of unexpected costs?
We give you free:

3 year warranty
Three years of free software upgrades
Access to the market’s toughest service / support
All Trimble SPS products are also now with 3-year warranty as standard. Here it is assumed that a service in the base to ensure that your products receive the upgrade and care needed.

* Not applicable Flex products and component parts for older systems

More information

SITECH in cooperation with Trimble now offers 3 year warranty on all 3D machine control systems and in selected 1D and 2D systems. The offer also applies in selected weight systems from Trimble Loadrite.

SITECH understands that in today’s competitive market, it can be difficult to win the most attractive jobs with desired margins, therefore we want to contribute to a more predictable cost horizon to our partners. where the cost of the technology out on the projects to be fixed. This, together with the knowledge that Trimble has the most robust quality of technology components will be a security for our customers.