DPS900 (Drilling and Piling System) helps increase the safety, accuracy and efficiency of your drilling and piling operations. All day. All night. And under almost any conditions.

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Part of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio, DPS900 is an integrated solution that brings the office and the field together to give you less rework, more productivity, and best of all – more profitability. That’s right. Give us 30 minutes and we’ll make your experienced drill operators proficient on the DPS900 system. In 30 minutes they’ll be drilling more accurately and in less time than ever before. And if you’ve got new operators on the crew, DPS900 can help them perform at the skill level of a more experienced operator in no time at all. We engineered the system for drilling and piling operations. With large icons, a streamlined workflow and a screen that’s easy to read, even in bright sunlight, DPS900 was designed for the construction environment.

Get a quick return on your investment – DPS900 can pay for itself in just four months by:

  • Drilling exactly to the depth you need – reduced overdrilling means your machine drill bits and hammers won’t wear out as fast
  • Drilling angles and holes that are evenly spaced – an even pattern of blasting delivers better surfaces and and improves rock fragmentation to minimize hauling expense
  • Increasing safety – with DPS900 the operator can see machine blind spots and receive a warning when he’s working where he shouldn’t be. In addition, you don’t need surveyors or other staff around working machines
  • Reducing survey personnel and stakes, especially for incline drilling – stop pounding stakes and start making more money
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