Office Software

Connected Community

Connect everyone on the job – from the owner to the operator – so your project is on-time and on-budget. Connected Community is the backbone of the Trimble Connected Site, helping you manage and share information in real-time using the Internet. Whether you’re in the office working on a design or in the field working on a machine, you’ll be in the know.

 Efficient, integrated data management

  • Easily access design files from Business Center – HCE and asset and site productivity information from VisionLink
  • Make decisions quickly and review progress before mistakes happen

Save time and money

  • Stop wasting valuable hours driving out to the jobsite and start managing your crew, devices and sites effectively from the office
  • Extend the range of your existing base station corrections, and reduce your equipment needs
  • See and interact with Trimble machine control and site positioning software for troubleshooting and training
  • Less driving and more information flowing between the office and job site, gives you time to make decisions that will save you money


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